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Anna Brazier

Alexander Technique Teacher: Cardiff and South Wales. 


Discover more Freedom and Ease in Movement. Find out about the Alexander Technique at Workshops and Classes in Cardiff and the South Wales Area.

Do you take for granted how you do things? Learning the Alexander Technique means thinking about movement in a new way and discovering new possibilities. During lessons people discover, often to their great surprise, that they can do things more simply and more easily than they first imagined.

Come and see how you might free up your thinking and expand your horizons.

Alexander Technique lessons focus on thinking in activity. Through this focus the technique can help you think differently about approaching daily living and tackling challenges. In a lesson you have the opportunity to learn the technique by exploring everyday or not so everyday activities. For example, you might look at how you walk, sit or talk, or you might want to look at more specialist activities like running, playing an instrument, chairing a meeting, dancing or singing. A teacher will help you explore what you bring to a chosen activity by asking you questions and gentle use of their hands.

What would your life be like if you could do things more simply and more easily?

An introductory Alexander Technique class includes a short talk to introduce key ideas followed by a sitting lesson so that you can experience the ideas in action. A lesson involves talking together and gentle-touch use of hands. Follow up lessons always focus on activities of your choice. Recently I worked with a pupil on opening a roll-top garage door, with another pupil we explored how to approach a challenging work presentation, someone else had a concert coming up. There is no limit to the kind of activities that can be brought to a lesson. Exploring how you tackle challenges can bring a new perspective to problem solving and personal presentation in all areas of life.

I particularly like to teach the technique in small classes, the group format is energising and generates broad discussion. People really enjoy learning from each other by watching a series of lessons.


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